Step 1: Stop undercutting yourself.

It's very easy to get into the habit of undercutting yourself by giving out discounts to prospects in order to make a sale. These customers end up telling their friends all about the discounts, and the discounts will then actually become part of the package. The same is true for any incentives that you pay for out-of-pocket, for instance service enhancements or expensive dinners. Unless you stop paying for extras and stick to your stated pricing schedule, it will just become impossible for you to make a decent profit. Whenever you accept less money than the package calls for, or if you provide freebies to clients out of your own money, you're robbing yourself of income that you need to grow your business.

Step 2: Offer a high-value incentive you don't personally have to fulfill.

All customers secretly desire to be treated like royalty, and if you can provide them with bonuses that are not available anywhere else, that satisfies their royal desires. Anyone who's sitting on the fence will definitely jump off that fence and into your arms when you throw in a complimentary vacation stay along with your original offer, or your upselling proposal. Any products and services you offer will become too tantalizing to resist when a client visualizes themself in a tropical setting, sipping a Margarita. When someone else is paying for all this, it's even more appealing. This will also give you a fantastic feeling, because you're the one providing this free vacation to your customers – while we pay for it!


Step 3: Let us WOW your new clients and customers!

Whenever you welcome a new customer on board, you'll be able to provide them with a certificate which will allow them to redeem a vacation package. After that, they'll have seven days to activate that certificate, and once they do, the certificate will be valid for a full 18 months. During that time, anyone holding a certificate can book a vacation and travel at any point during that time frame. Your customers will have total freedom to choose a time and date for their own exciting, luxury vacation.

Don't Forget: Take a luxury getaway for you and yours each year, too!
(Yes, it's on us.)

The problem with offering tremendously attractive incentives like this is that a lot of skeptical people will naturally wonder if it's legitimate.

That's totally understandable of course. Travel incentives have been around for a long time, and there have been lots of people who got burned by fly-by-night companies, so you shouldn't be surprised when potential customers are skeptical.

We're not going to give you a canned answer that will be obviously bogus.

Instead of doing that, we'll just put you and your family at the top of our list for an annual complimentary vacation package, at one of our own terrific resorts, where the whole family will love the experience.

Whenever a prospect asks you whether or not the vacations are real, you'll be able to pull out photos from your own last vacation to show them just how real those free vacations are!

Just think about that! You get a free luxury vacation with your whole family at one of our 50+ prime getaways! That will certainly have more value that the cost of your investment in a MarketingBoost membership.

That means you'll be getting an immediate return on your investment - and that's just the start of all the benefits you'll receive!


So if I don't pay for these trips, who does?

The short and accurate answer to that question is simple – we do. Because we work very closely with industry insiders, we have information which the general public does not, and this information is all about unsold premium accommodations at the most popular US destinations and elsewhere. We coordinate with providers to gain access to these unsold rooms at extraordinarily low prices.

How does this work? Property owners realize that their costs can be recovered when guests avail themselves of in-house dining and room service, valet parking, spa services, casino earnings, and a whole slew of other add-ons. That all amounts to income they would not be getting if a room is vacant, so they are more than happy to give away unsold rooms, knowing that additional revenue will be coming in.

In the luxury travel industry, nightly rates are not really the source of most profits. What this means to you is that you can provide your best clients with fantastic vacation experiences which they will remember forever, and which they'll remember you for as well.


And that means loyal buyers, referral partners, and brand champions for life.

All for an investment that's probably less than you gave away in discounts last month.


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